Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BBQ beer beef short ribs

Slow cooked BBQ beef short ribs. Felt inspired to cook something nice yesterday and this is what I came up with. I haven't really cooked like this in a long time since I came back and it is good to once again explore and experiment. It turned out tender and tasted great. A lot of unusual ingredients on this one.  Fig vinegar,  lots of Spanish Paprika, oregano, salty soy sauce, light beer, Coconut sap sugar to lend a subtle sweetness,  Shichi-mi tōgarashi for that hint of spice, and a dollop of a commercial BBQ sauce just to get that slight smoky hickory flavor. Served with buttered French beans on a bed of faux couscous made from Cauliflower lightly seasoned with smoked salt. #homecookedmeals #dinner #bbqshortribs #cookingexperiments

Monday, March 28, 2016

[Recipe] Reduced Sugar Polvoron

Polvoron is a type of crumbly shortbread popular as a dessert in the Philippines and can be traced to Spanish influences in local cuisine (it is a kind of Mantecado). I remember fondly making these when I was young with my family. It is usually pressed into disks but I did not have the polvoron press device so I made do with a silicon cupcake mold (which explains the huge sizes). Note that this isn't exactly sugar-free since it has crumbled Chocnut in it but I would think that the amount in the recipe is minimal. This is in fact the second Polvoron post, the previous one was made using Splenda.
Reduced Sugar Polvoron with crumbled Chocnut

1 cup flour
1/2 cup powdered milk
4 packets Stevia sweetener (Equal Stevia)
4 packets sucralose sweetener (Splenda)
1/4 cup butter
optional: 3 pieces crumbled Chocnut (a peanut chocolate sweets)

In a clean skillet, brown the flour until light brown careful to mix it thoroughly during heating so that the flour would not burn. It imparts an undesirable bitter taste if you brown the flour too far. 

Remove from heat. 

Mix in the butter and try to make sure that all of the flour is mixed with the melted butter until it gets clumpy yet crumbly mixture.

Mix in the rest of the ingredients. I use a spatula to scoop and smear into the skillet to mix thoroughly. 

Mold the crumbly mixture into disks and place in the refrigerator to harden. It should be hard enough to pick up but breaks into powder in your mouth. Enjoy :) 

Note: Although I use sweeteners that are heat stable, I can imagine that you can adapt the same recipe to your preferred non sugar sweetener. If your preferred sweetener is not heat stable, make sure that the flour butter mixture has cooled sufficiently before you mix in the sweetener packets of your choice. Using half and half Stevia/Sucralose is just a personal preference.